What is DSE assessment?

what-is-displayscreen-assessmentDisplay screen equipment (DSE) is the term used for computer screens, laptops and tablets.  When people spend prolonged amounts of time in front of this type of equipment they may experience aches, pains and general discomfort if they are not ergonomically positioned.

Most computer operator fatigue and discomfort can be prevented by having your workstation assessed to ensure a set criterium is met and, therefore, you are sitting correctly.  This helps to eliminate any risks to yourself.  There are many factors taken into account when carrying out a risk assessment, such as how you are sitting, the distance from your screen, any reflections from your screen, the brightness of the screen and much more.

Our specialists have years of experience when it comes to assessing workstations, and will carry out a full risk assessment, identify any potential risks and advise you how to put them right.

If you work in an office environment please click here, if you work from home please see this page.

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