Working from home DSE assessments


When working from home using display screen equipment at home it’s imperative that you arrange for a professional assessment of your workstation.   This will help to eliminate any aches, pains, or injuries that can be caused by sitting incorrectly.

Our team members provide home visits

A highly experienced member of our team can visit your home, at a time that is convenient to you, and assess the area you use to work: this could be a purpose-built computer desk or the dining room table.  We will advise you of any potential risks and help you to make your place of work safer.

Full-time and part-time carry the same risks

Whether you work from home occasionally or on a full-time basis, the same risks need to be identified and dealt with in order to ensure the correct posture is adopted, therefore minimizing any potential injuries.  Only a professional assessor can best advise you with regards to the safe usability of your home office or workstation.

How to arrange a home DSE assessment

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Working from home during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The number of employees now working from home is set to increase on a large scale. One of the bi-products of the pandemic is companies discovering that having people working at home is actually, hugely beneficial.  As IT systems and Web conferencing services have improved, so has employer confidence in this way of working.

Social distancing

Social distancing is set to become a way of life in the modern office, at least in the medium term. One of the benefits will undoubtedly be the need for smaller offices in the future, with the financial plus of lower office rent, rate, and utility costs.  One thing for certain is that It will not go unnoticed by finance departments across the country.

Employer legal requirements

As with all major shifts in work patterns, there is a requirement in the legislation that these people are properly protected.  There is definite duty of care issues that employers will need to follow to ensure that they avoid any costly litigation in the future.

Government references

There are several websites where you can find information on working from home and what you need to do, one of the best is on ACAS, the Government Arbitration Service here. One of the best ways is to have a professional Home Workers Risk assessment carried out.  This can be done over the phone, virtually by WhatsApp / Facetime, or face to face once restrictions have eased.  This will help identify how the employee is currently operating and what changes are required going forward.  This is a cost-effective way of ensuring both parties are acting collectively to ensure the safety of the Home Worker.

Our professional experience

EHS has been providing professional DSE Assessments in the office and at home since 2004.  Our home assessments are not intrusive or overly time-consuming.  The aim is to ensure that anyone working from home is working as safely as is reasonably practicable. 

How to arrange a home visit

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